Fonts in Use

Fonts in Use is a useful archive of different typefaces used in multimedia. You can search for typefaces by topic (punk bands/brands, cars, activism, music, etc.) or by the medium (posters, videos, newspapers, book jackets, etc.) they were used in. Explore their large collection of graphic design and typography samples to find inspiration for your next design project!

CommLab Closed this Weekend

Hello COMM-rads the CommLab will be closed and unstaffed Friday, April 12 through Monday, April 15. It will reopen at the normal hours on Tuesday, April 16. You may still use the space but please think ahead if you need paper or supplies to do your work and collect them by Thursday at 6 pm.
Have a nice long weekend!

How to Connect to the New Server

1. In the top menu, hit Go > Connect to Server.

2. In the server address field, type:
Then hit connect.

3. Log in with your Simmons user name an password when prompted.

4. Student Folder> Here you should see a folder with your username. This is your new private and personal Comm Dept. folder.

5. Course Folder> if you are enrolled in any Comm course using server space you will see a folder for that course here. This is for work specifically for that course and for your Professor to share files and documents with you.

Remember to remove or move all of your files from VOL 1, VOL 2, or VOL 3 by Friday, April 12th and relocate them in your new server Student Folder so they don’t get deleted!

If you have questions or you need some help please see Luke the Lab Manager or make an appointment with them to help you out.